Terentino s-a născut pentru a însufleți branduri. Mici sau mari, pentru a le face plăcute, simpatice. Crede în puterea distracției și știe că de fiecare data când un brand s-a făcut simpatic, a devenit puternic.

Terentino s-a născut din dorința de libertate. In fiecare zi luptă cu constrângeri, limitări sau idei preconcepute și caută povești autentice pe care le spune pe înțelesul și placul oamenilor.

Terentino iubește oamenii și nu îi consideră consumatori. Îi ia așa cum sunt și nu încearcă să-i schimbe – ca un prieten bun, e un bun ascultător și un fin observator și având spirit de haiduc, taxează gosolănia, lipsa de respect sau minciuna, pentru că Terentino are principii care-l ajută să țină drumul drept.

Terentino crede in “chimia” dintre oameni. Știe că această chimie se poate transmite mai departe la un brand construind o relație solidă, autentică și de lungă durată.

Terentino s-a născut online. Pentru că aici își poate manifesta spiritul liber și pentru că poveștile lui se pot naște mai ușor în acest mediu, pot fi produse mai rapid, mai eficient, mai multe și mai interactive.

Terentino este pentru cei care cred în povesti și au timp și curaj să trăiască.

Harry Ioncica


Viral Marketing Hustler

Your Benefits

Asset Building

This involves storing the what was captured previously and classifying it in a meaningful way so that you can pull it out and leverage various pieces to produce fresh and new materials adapted to purpose. We take a look at what you already have and make the best of it.

Cost Effectiveness

Our approach is designed to deliver fresh and engaging content at high volume and frequency while keeping the costs low. This involves a little planning before the event but this effort is fully worthwhile but to be able to produce the right materials for each channel.

Talent Network

We’ve spent a lot of time select and developing a large network of talented people with skills ranging from photographers to code experts and we can employ their skills immediately to your project. We operate in such a way that their talent can manifest freely and be motivated to produce the best results.

Latest Technology

We love technology and we are up t date with the latest trends in gadgets aps and devices. In our activations to make use of drones , Gopros and pro stuff if required to capture the best of the experience. We work with experts that know how to make the best use of the stuff.

Our Framework and Unique Approach

It’s a simple 4 step process that brings an idea to life.

Our unique approach to each step is what makes the idea work with the target audience and the client involved and happy.

This process is designed to ensure effective communication between client and agency from briefing to launch. It employs enough rigor to support a well documented output but has the flexibility to allow creative ideas to manifest fully.

The process requires 3 magic ingredients in order to work and produce optimal results.

The 4 Steps


We listen well to what the client has to say and take in the brief. We ask questions and try to understand.


We study the materials do our own research. We develop insights and recommend a strategy and adapted to client needs and budget.


We create concepts and develop assets that brings them to life. We take feedback and align with client expectations.

Go Live

We execute the plan and launch to market. Than adapt and optimise based on real life results.

The 3 Magic Ingredients


We bring together the group of people  that have a stake in the project: client, agencies, creative talent, other specialists. It is important that people who will judge the creative proposals attend the initial briefing. Typically we don’t need more 6-8 people in order to achieve the right dynamic.


We are approaching any project with an open mindset. We do not hide behind masks or and we do not pretend to be smarter than we really are. We truly believe in collaboration and teamwork. We know how to facilitate this!


We prefer have the meeting in an unconventional venue where people feel comfortable and relaxed. Typically we are avoiding meeting rooms and we are looking to meet in a stimulating environment for the creative process.

What We Value


We believe in collaboration. So we put our egos away and get to work. Team-work. In this way the final product is greater than the sum of its parts.


No great thing has ever been done by just one person. We have connections and partners in many areas of expertise and we can pull different skills depending on project complexity and requiremens.

Flexible Discipline

We are disciplined but flexible. We have the discipline and rigor of an agency but the mindset and flexibility of a studio which enable us to deliver a robust output at a fair cost. 

Extra Mile

We always try to provide more value to client than he expects. From client service to final output, out client satisfaction is at the core of everything we do.